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Unlock Your True Potential With Life Coaching Services

Skin rejuvenation and body enhancement medical spa with latest laser and microneedling technology.

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Promotional discounts for laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Purchase packages with our reception or online.

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Skin Rejuvenation

“My life coach has been a game-changer, helping me set and achieve goals and improve my overall well-being.”

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Empower Your True Self

At Nova Medical Spa we emphasize on your beauty and help you achieve desirable results by rejuvenating skin and removing hair with laser.


Skin enhancement and wrinkles removal with laser and microneedling.


Permanently remove all unwanted hear with laser for bikini vacation.


We help you get in desired shape while taking care of your skin and hair removal.


Focus on your mind and well being to keep up with your beauty.

Toronto Med Spa Services by Nova

Equipment and Technologies in our Toronto Medical Spa

We believe in using latest and proven technology to achieve best results while keeping our client’s health as a priority.


Skin enhancement and wrinkles removal with laser and microneedling.


Permanently remove all unwanted hear with laser for bikini vacation.


We help you get in desired shape while taking care of your skin and hair removal.


Focus on your mind and well being to keep up with your beauty.

Why others Choose Nova

Nova Medical Spa provides services with modern technology and the latest equipment. Our Toronto medical spa has a partnership with Candela, which is the leading manufacturer in the field of aesthetic medical spas around the world. We use the latest technologies for Microneedling (Morpheus8), keeping up with the times.

By choosing Nova Medical Spa, you will be provided not only with highly qualified specialists, but also with modern, high-precision equipment using the best world technologies. This will provide our clients with improved comfort, painlessness of procedures, quality and, most importantly, safety of procedures.

Nova Med Spa has a wide variety of services to maintain health and beauty. We offer services aimed at rejuvenating your skin and face. Among them are laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, microneedling, skin tightening and body sculpture.

You can sign up for a free initial consultation with our specialists, who will tell you about the procedures, stages and what is suitable for you. We use modern equipment and proven techniques to provide an individual approach to each patient to achieve the desired results without harm to health.

Nova Medical Spa provides quality and safe services thanks to qualified and experienced staff. Our specialists have relevant certificates, diplomas, as well as specialized training and practice. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge, which in turn allows us to carry out procedures effectively and safely.

With the development of more and more new technologies and techniques, Nova Medical Spa employees are trained and improve their skills. Thanks to our internal training, participation in seminars and various courses, our specialists will be able to find an individual approach to everyone and fulfill any needs and wishes for each of our clients.

Why choose Nova Med Spa? One of the most important advantages is a free consultation from our well qualified specialists. It is at the initial consultation that you meet your future specialist, receive a professional assessment of your health.

You also can get recommendations on how to prepare for a particular procedure, how the procedure itself works, how to care for your skin after the procedure and what side effects there may be. If you have any questions, please prepare them in advance and our specialists will consult you. Sign up for an initial consultation right now!

Nova Medical Spa offers flexible appointment options for the client, considering his needs, guaranteeing maximum comfort by pre-booking a consultation or procedure with our specialists.

If you have a busy schedule or your plans have suddenly changed, we will try to find a place for you as soon as possible, since we work not only on weekdays, but also on weekends. Based on this, our team will provide the opportunity to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Contact us to find a time that suits you!

Competitive prices are one of the unique advantages in our clinic. We recognize the value of accessibility without sacrificing the standard of care. Our goal is to provide services at fair, industry-competitive prices. We guarantee our patients a high return on investment in their health by offering clear prices.

We try to maintain fair costs for all consultations and treatments without sacrificing the standard of care. Choose us and save money without sacrificing quality. On our free first consultation, the specialist will provide you with the pricelist based on your individual request.

We create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for our patients. Our specialists are very hospitable and professional, who work towards results for their patients. You will be greeted by friendly staff and a calming atmosphere. Our Toronto med spa center is equipped with comfortable furniture and cozy decor, which will make your visit to us unforgettable.

We keep things clean and tidy to make you feel relaxed. When you enter our doors you will feel warm and cared for. Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance and we are trying to provide you with everything.

We are pleased to share with you the reviews from our valued and happy clients. We receive a lot of positive reviews, which is a guarantee of our professionalism in the field of healthcare. We try our best to stay on top and satisfy patients with a new and individual approach.

We are trying to develop to cover all possible wishes from patients. Each of our patients receives enough attention, an individual approach and a guaranteed result. By choosing us, you will be satisfied with the service and quality. Come visit us right now and leave your feedback.

We provide a free consultation, where our specialist will examine you and select the procedure that is suitable for you. You will receive all the recommendations on how to prepare for the procedure, how many sessions you will need and what care you will need after the procedure. During your consultation, you will receive all the answers to your questions.

Our patients will receive detailed instructions after the procedure so that your recovery is quick and there are no side effects. We will share our knowledge with you and will always be in touch after the procedures.


Unlock Your Potential

Unlock Your True Potential With Life Coaching Services

With help of latest technology, we are able to make you love you even more.


Healthy Beauty Reveal

Transform your life and body by achieving desired goals with professional and personalized aesthetician.

What type of payments do you accept?2024-06-27T18:14:04-04:00

For in person bookings (at Nova Med Spa location) we accept debit cards, credit cards and cash payments for our services and products sold in store.

Another option of payment is Online. We have a booking schedule and shop on our website, where all of our customers can purchase and schedule treatment with Nova Med Spa.

Over the phone payments can be done with credit card, but we prefer to not take your personal information and card details. Those, who cannot book online, can call us directly to book a spot for skin or body treatment and pay on arrival with one of above stated options.

Who performs the procedures?2024-06-27T18:26:57-04:00

Initial assessment and free consultation is performed by most experienced staff of Nova Medical Spa.

All of specialists that perform laser, microneedling, skin and body treatment are certified professionals that have been additionally trained by Nova Med Spa in our environment and with our specific machinery/equipment.

Invasive procedures, such as Botox and Fillers are performed by medical professional with Doctor or NP overseeing the process.

If you like to be assigned to specific aesthetician, please let our receptionist ahead of time and we can schedule accordingly.

What equipment do you use?2024-06-27T18:14:18-04:00

At Nova Med Spa we only use latest technology for skin and body rejuvenation. Safety is the number one priority and we cannot afford to risk our client’s health by using older or not qualified machines and lasers.

Each equipment is specially purchased for each treatment, such as laser hair removal, microneedling and other methods to enhance your skin and body. Nova Medical Spa personnel is taught specifically to use newest machines with full understanding of technical details.

For most of our equipment we tightly work with Candela. They are top manufacturer of lasers and machines for med spa in North America and most of the world.

Is it possible to continue treatment started in other med spa?2024-06-27T18:28:59-04:00

Whenever we receive a request for consultation from a client that started or recently received face or body treatments at a different medical spa, before scheduling you in, our lead aesthetician or medical professional would need a full review.

It definitely possible to continue laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation or other services at Nova after full review and understanding equipment with medication that was previously used.

We are going to assess on arrival and base suggested services on desired outcome from our analysis.

Can you suggest body care creams and moisturizers?2024-06-27T18:30:43-04:00

On our website you can find many products that Nova Med Spa recommend for clients after and before skin or face treatments. Each product has description with details of how to use it. You can order it with delivery or simply pick up at our store when you arrive for scheduled appointment.

At our location we sell product for skin and body treatment as well. During free consultation, our aesthetician can recommend exact product and when to use it. We can review creams and moisturizers that you currently use and compare them to our products.

Does Nova Med Spa offer packages of services?2024-06-27T18:29:04-04:00

There are packages that can be offered at discounted prices for all our clients. Before going into details we need to go through free consultation to see if you are eligible for services you provide. In any way we can suggest procedures that will fit you with the best results.

Nova Med spa can also provide deals on group packages for all eligible clients. A good example would be group booking laser hair removal packages for 8 treatments. Ask for options during consultation or at our reception desk.

Do you have gift cards / certificates?2024-06-27T18:29:49-04:00

Yes, Nova Med Spa has option of purchasing gift card to be used by someone else. Ask at the reception for options we have.

You can select a specific amount for gift card that will apply for any of our services. Also it is possible to purchase one or several sessions of treatments for specific person as a gift certificate.

There is an option to purchase electronic gift card online in our shop. Certificate will be emailed directly after buying and submitting all the information.

What to expect on my first appointment?2024-06-27T18:30:51-04:00

We ask all clients to come a little earlier and of course avoid being late. Otherwise we may not have enough time or will have to schedule your appointment for other time.

At Nova, we will ask you to fill out acknowledgement form with some personal information.

Before scheduling and performing any procedure, we will need to know if there is any medical condition, pregnancy or other things that may affect our work.

You do not need to do anything specific for consultation meeting, but to know your desired outcome and preferred procedures. We have specific instruction prior to each procedure and we will share those after consultation.

What if I miss a scheduled procedure?2024-06-27T18:32:06-04:00

If you know that you are going to be late or completely missing scheduled appointment for treatment, the best thing is to call our location and let us know. The sooner we know, the easier it will be to reschedule.

In best case scenario, coming late for service can result in waiting a little bit and still getting the treatment if aesthetician is available and we don’t have fully booked schedule for the rest of the day.

In worst situation we would have to reschedule to another day and a small cancelation fee may apply.

Do you offer memberships or discounts?2024-06-27T18:32:13-04:00

Yes, Nova Medical Spa has a membership program that allows our clients to have first notifications about new services and regular promotions. You can register at our med spa location with a receptionist. Here is a link for more information on becoming a member.

Repeated clients without membership also have the privilege of discounts that Nova Med Spa provides. We regularly send emails to registered customers with promotions.

Another way to get a good deal is to register for our treatments as a group. The bigger the group, the better deal we can provide.

Also we have random promotion deals that may align with some holidays, purchase of new machinery, extension of staff and many more events.

What is the difference between med spa and salon?2024-06-27T18:33:32-04:00

Medical Spas (such as Nova) provide advanced body/skin treatment and rejuvenation that require trained professionals and licensing for each specific procedure.

Salons, however are leaning more towards beauty and cosmetics that are more simple to preform and do not require special certification and medical staff overseeing treatments.

Medical Spas are also known for using very expensive machines in their services such as Lasers, HydraFacial and Microneedling equipment.

Some medical spas may choose to provide additional services that salons have as primary.

How can I book an appointment or treatment session?2024-06-27T18:33:39-04:00

Nova Med Spa online appointment booking system is very easy to navigate and use for everyone who can reach our website.

Calling in is another option. We can put you in our system schedule over the phone and create a profile for future visits to be easier. Give us a call and lets us know how Nova Medical Spa can assist you.

Walk in appointments are available as well. You can simply walk in and book an appointment for consultation or your session at reception. There are possibilities for services at the same time if aesthetician is available, but most of the time our schedule is booked for few days ahead.

Why is it important to start with consultation?2024-06-27T18:33:48-04:00

At Nova Medical Spa we always recommend our clients to start with a free consultation on all services that we offer. Before scheduling s services we want to fully explain about benefits of it and analyze how many treatments you will require to see the results.

Also It is important to note that every person is different and some people would not be eligible for specific treatments. Our specialist can recommend other body or skin treatment that can have comparable results, but have less potential side effects for you.

After 15 to 30 Minutes of discussion with Nova Med Spa representative you will fully understand what we are suggesting and the process to achieve your goal with our services.

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